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  • Young Lords Chicago Chapter

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    Sifa Bible Institute

    Sifa Bible Institute works in rural and peri-urban missions in Africa. We use an IMPACTS strategy consisting of Intercession, Medical Missions, Preaching,Agribusiness Development, Counseling, Training and Savings/Credit.

    Our Medical Missions is known as Chapira Initiati...

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    People & Pets Project

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  • Lydia Hernandez CST

    Certified Surgical Assistant Technologist

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    STEP Beyond Borders

    Join medical missions in Jaipur (UNESCO world heritage) with STEP Beyond Borders and explore healthcare volunteering or medical internships or elective abroad in India, Armenia, and Nepal (

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    American Academy / Association of Orthopedic Medicine

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    Project C.U.R.E.


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    Alliance for Smiles

    Alliance for Smiles is a nonprofit organization committed to creating new smiles for children suffering from untreated cleft lip and cleft palate anomalies. Our dedicated teams of volunteers provide comprehensive treatment including free reconstructive surgery for these often ne...

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