Sifa Bible Institute



  • Kenya

Sifa Bible Institute works in rural and peri-urban missions in Africa. We use an IMPACTS strategy consisting of Intercession, Medical Missions, Preaching,Agribusiness Development, Counseling, Training and Savings/Credit.

Our Medical Missions is known as Chapira Initiatives. Chapira is an acronym of Community Health Advancement Program in Rural Areas. It begun as Community Deworming Exercise in Boro and Karemo Divisions in the former Siaya District using a Health Education, Advocacy, Local Action Support and Therapy model in September 2002. It has since then worked on more activities around the Lake Victoria Basin in Kenya.

As a Program of Sifa Bible Institute, we now work in other countries in Africa through our students too. By volunteering with us, you will be helping a local rural or peri-urban family-who in most cases lacks a sustainable access to good quality medical care and health support in any or all of the seven projects below:

  • Health Education so that a local household or community can make informed choices about their own health and that of their neighbours. Health illiteracy is the greatest cause of bad health and medical issues in most rural and peri-urban households in Africa. Join us to bridge the knowledge and information gaps in people's health and their environmental stewardship.
  • Advocacy so that we can stand up together to speak for the majority rural and peri-urban poor regarding their health and medical issues. Medical advocacy is the drive of Behaviour Change Communication. Join us to drive the Change in behaviour.
  • Local Action Support so that together, we can work with local people on a small project that enables good health in our target community. We work on small community driven projects like water, kitchen gardens, a school etc. Check our advertised missions to see which local project you and your friends can participate in.
  • Treatment through our medical camps and placement in local healthcare facilities is an important role that you can play. Have you wondered why a simple ailment like malaria still kills many people in Africa? Sometimes, it is for a lack of a medic to attend to the patient. Many rural and peri-urban communities have few medics to manage the burden of disease. You can give a helping hand.
  • Administration so that costs of medical care can come down for the sake of the rural and peri-urban poor. You can assist with administrative work and project fundraising for the other activities at Chapira Initiatives.
  • Essential Drugs Supply so that a household that is unable to purchase the most basic drugs can access some. Sometimes, the rural and peri-urban people die out of simple ailments for lack of Essential drugs. You can help provide essential drugs to such households.
  • Cross Cultural Relations so that you and the rural and peri-urban House can learn from one onother.