About MedicalMissions.org

Check the resources below for general information on acquiring or donating medical supplies, deciding which vaccines may be required for travel or to see entry restrictions by country. Contact the organization sponsoring a specific mission for exact details. MedicalMissions.org does not accept or make financial contributions for mission trips. It also does not accept or donate medical supplies.

Medical Supplies (Donate or Acquire)


Project Cure


Restoring Vision


Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travelers’ Health Site

Visa/Passport Info

U.S. State Department Americans Traveling Abroad Site

Charity Screening


Charity Navigator

Frequently Asked Questions

For Volunteers

Do I have to be a medical professional to go on a mission?
Are organizations pre-screened before opportunities are posted?
How long are the missions?
If I have a specific specialty, can I volunteer just for that specialty?
Will my credentials and background be checked before I am allowed to volunteer?
Does it cost me anything to register on the site?
Does MedicalMissions.org cover my mission costs?

For Organizations

Does it cost anything for my organization to post a mission opportunity?
Will my organization’s background information be checked prior to opportunities being posted?
Are the credentials and backgrounds of volunteers checked before they are registered?
Are faith-based organizations allowed to post mission opportunities?
Are for-profit organizations allowed to post mission opportunities?
Does MedicalMissions.org contribute towards the cost of missions?