SunTrack Adventures



  • Uganda

SunTrack Adventures is an inbound travel and tour operator based in Mukono town, Uganda. SunTrack Adventures specializes in custom-made low-cost travel and tourism services in Uganda and beyond.

We provide tourism and travel services like: culture tours, city tours, bike tours, walking tours, Rafting, nature walks, sightsee tours, treks, Safaris (wildlife and hiking), Culture exchanges, Language, Airport transfers, hotel booking, host family, camping tours, nightlife experiences and free volunteer work in Uganda.

We are a social enterprise and we welcome and host a great number of volunteers from all over the world for community development projects. Our volunteer program in Uganda is completely free. Through SunTrack Adventures you pay for volunteer program registration. The volunteering is free, as it should be! There is no obligation to fundraise, but if you do manage to raise some money you can put it directly into the project where you are volunteering.

Explore Uganda with us and "Discover the Undiscovered Uganda"