Spring of Hope Uganda



  • Uganda

Mission: Enabling Ugandan communities to help children with disabilities and their families

Vision: To see a society that can fully accommodate and accept children with disabilities.

Spring of Hope is a community-based rehabilitation non- profit organization for children with disabilities in local communities of Uganda. We currently work with over Children with disabilities and their families in the areas of education, physiotherapy, medical, sensitization and income generating projects. Our aim is to see that these children are able to reach their true potential. Before the work of Spring of Hope began disabled children were being abused, locked away and tied up due to the stigma of having a child who is disabled.

Spring of Hope is based in Kayunga district about a one hour drive from Jinja Town (The source of the Nile.

Services we provide

· Home visits

· Activities of Daily living skills

· Drop in physiotherapy days

· Free epilepsy medication

· Provision special equipment

· School sponsorship for the deaf and CWDs

· Supporting in corrective surgery

· Rehabilitation education unit for CWDs

· Sensitizing local community leaders

· Nutritional support