Rally Round Haiti



  • United States

My group focus is on helping the people of Hait. We travel to the villages of Damien and Bigarade which are about a 20 minute tap tap drive from Port au Prince. I went to Haiti for my first mission trip in 2015. It was a construction team where we built a house and a wall around a church/school. In 2018 we worked on Operation Recycle. August 2019 we took a medical team where we were able to see 350 patients providing personal hygiene kits and basic medical exams. My most urgent need is for physicians and possibly dentists as well as NPs. We are planning to have 2 teams, 1 medical and 1 construction. The medical team will set up clinic and then visit orphanages that are in dire need of medical attention. We may possibly go to Citi Soliel. The construction team will help to add on a room to a Haitian home making it much more bearable when the rains come. The dates are March 7-14, 2020. The cost is $600 plus airfare which will vary depending on where you're traveling from. You will need a passport as well as anti malaria meds and probably a couple immunizations. Thank you