Power of a Nickel


  • United States

Power of a Nickel was founded by a pediatrician and family nurse practitioner husband and wife. Their goal was to serve disenfranchised people through partnerships with local in-country organizations to provide medical care, health education, and professional resources. Great care is made for continuity of care by partnering with local organizations requesting the global outreach mission. Additionally, medical students and other health care students are able to experience one-on-one teaching experiences during the clinics. Teams are made up of licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, other healthcare providers, and helpers. Teams return yearly to the locations, working with local organizations to help ensure continuity of care. Presently, trips serve Uganda,Nicaragua,Vietnam, Mexico (Maya Villages), India, Cuba, Ukraine and Greece. Everyone involved with Poer of a Nicel do so in a volunteer capacity, thus costs for the trips can be keps at a minimum.