Operation Big Blessing

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  • United States

We currently provide two all-inclusive programs;

Outreach Wellness Program (OWP) – with the uncertainty of medical coverage, economic hardship and the basic necessities to sustain the fundamentals of living; like food, clothing, hygiene products and referral to volunteer industry professionals i.e. medical and vision doctors, dentist, counselors, and others; we at Operation Big Blessing have made it our mission to be part of the solution. We provide free services via our volunteer professional collaborative partners to help those in need both here in the United States and abroad.

International Outreach (IO) is the off-shoot of our “Outreach Wellness Program”; we understand that even as challenging as it is to help those here in our own communities here in the Inland Empire, that those in other countries around the globe have an even bigger need; so we have expanded our programming to those abroad. Our goal is being better human beings; everywhere.