NewBeginnings Charitable Trust



  • India

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust (NCT) reaches out extensively to remote rural villages and urban areas in India for medical and developments. NCT works with a strong network of more than 15 Indian ngos. NCT hosts and coordinates the placements all through the year.

Rural and urban slum Indian populations remain most of the time away from even basic health care service. NCT wants to fill this gap through your support. You an be professional and trained nurse or a student seeking internship; We are looking for any kind of health care provider, be it a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, technician, and medical student and etc to be part of our mission in the rural and urban slums.

We sincerely value your service and time, however, you need to understand that most of our partners are not in a position to pay you for your service. Hence, we look for UNPAID volunteer service. We will provide you accommodation and food during your stay in our projects. There is no monthly programme fee here. However, we do charge administrative fee of $ 210 per volunteer. We provide airport pick up, local travelling within the project, On arrival Orientation - a must for any international volunteer. We place you only in safe and secure environment. There are many other volunteers who have already been with us and there are also volunteers working in different partners' projects. We make sure you are safe and your privacy is protected.

We sincerely assure you a remarkable experience in our projects.