• Tanzania, United Republic of

New Chapter Development for Youth (NCDY) is an NGO established in 2004 at grass root level from the initiatives of the people at the grass-root level, after discovering that there are a lot of problems contributing to the marginalization of vulnerable groups such as children, youth, women, and people with disabilities. These groups require special attention and the means to facilitate procedures to solve any problems arising. The Registration N0 of the organization is; 00NGO/00002871, and since 2009 it serves at a national level. NCDY is determined to help all people regardless of their gender, marital status, disability, race, color, religion, political belief and employment status. NCDY aims to help a wide variety of people who have been personally marginalized and will consider all types of differences.

NCDY is dedicated to helping vulnerable children, youth, women and people with disabilities by giving them the means to live a better life; this will be achieved by establishing different programs and activities which inspire action over the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

NCDY is committed to working with a different range of stakeholders to foster teamwork, to achieve a sustainable future.


To guarantee sustainable ways to help children, youth, women, and people with disabilities achieve reasonable social-economic status, we aim to target these groups as they make up the marginalized portion of society. We also aim to act with extra sensitivity to gender.


To empower vulnerable and marginalized children, youth, women, and people with disabilities; ensuring that there is environmental protection of these susceptible population groups. We aim to help these groups utilize and improve on their physical, intellectual, socio-economic and health potentialities to contribute to improving their overall living standards.


The organization is geared for children, youth, women, and people with disabilities, to sustain development through self-initiatives in their desired projects. Taking into consideration violence by strengthening the human rights prospectus within their communities and local authorities at large.