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The MRDCi brings the Western Model of NOT-FOR-PROFIT activity to countries in need through bringing high-quality medical care to people, who would not have a chance of receiving Western care otherwise. They accept donations, their primary funding is through a medical service to the International and Diplomatic communities. By adhering to a ‘not-profit taking’ model they can fund classic humanitarian outreaches that are tailored to the region of service. They have about 100 employees internationally with 20 in South Sudan and Kenya.

They provide surgical campaigns to different cities as directed by the Ministry of Health. These outreaches do not need to be surgical, but simply reflect the specialty of the physicians serving at the time. MRDC provides operations to nationals at a rate of about 1 a week then move to 30 cases a week during campaign time. This is determined by the expertise and ability of the visiting staff. Most embassies and many NGO’s retain the MRDCi for its unparalleled medical/surgical capability. Through their enrolment, we are given the potential of providing the humanitarian activity that is most needed.

They are small company, but focus on tailoring the humanitarian experience to the talents and abilities of the doctor. They pay more and have far better accommodation than any other organization (Doctors without Borders and the UN) in S.S. MRDC is considered the best med/surg unit in South Sudan. They have the designation to receive level I trauma from the American Embassy and UN. While maintaining the capability to serve the nationals (giving them the same loving care). Every quarter they provide between 30 – 50 free operations at the Teaching Hospital and/or the Medical Center (the more complex cases done on the main compound).

Meet the General Director, Charles Linderman.