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Legal name of organization: MBAISE USA INC.

Tax ID number: EIN. 26-2104390

Contact name and title: LAWRENCE OSONDU, PRESIDENT

E-mail address: Phone number: 972-408-8364 OR 862-250-1352


Mbaise USA Inc., a non-profit organization of Mbaise indigenes from Imo State of Nigeria who reside in the Diaspora, exists to foster the welfare of Mbaise people home and abroad, including the provision of medical assistance to the less fortunate in Mbaise Nigeria. As Nigerians living in the Americas, we are aware of the healthcare deficiency in our homeland compared to the one most of us are privileged to receive in the western worlds. The inefficient health care services marked by poor accessibility and lack of affordability, that plagues rural Nigerian communities, including people of Mbaise has been a source of concern for all of us. Consequently, our people at home are vulnerable early and untimely death from often-preventable ailments and diseases. It was in recognition of this fact and the quest to alleviate the associated sufferings that Mbaise USA embarks on annual medical missions and has been doing so since 2010. Responses to medical mission initiatives in Mbaise over the few years of its inception have been overwhelming, as people show up at mission sites in large numbers to seek medical assistance. Sadly, some of the people cannot be helped as their disease stages often have reached advanced stages by the time the get to us for medical help. As a non-profit organization, Mbaise USA Inc. relies on voluntary services, donations, organizing teams of medical and logistic personnel, collection medical as well as material resources for medical missions. This is the only way we are able to impact as many as we have been during the missions. For many of the indigenes in Mbaise, the mission serves as a significant source of needed medical care and they desperately look forward to it every year. Through the medical missions, we are able to provide limited primary care services to these communities and that is why we need as many volunteers as possible and as much medical supplies as we can gather.In 2012, the mission provided services to 6,962 patients. Among those, twenty people screened positive for HIV and were referred for free diagnostic and treatment services made available through the World Health Organization. The mission dispensed over 1,150 prescription and reading glasses. Other diseases treated included, hypertension, diabetes, malaria, typhoid, and pains from various conditions including arthritis. Most importantly, the mission conducted the most needed healthcare and self-care education to individuals as well as Basic Life Support training to local healthcare professionals. Over 7,000 patients were seen during the 2013 medical mission. About 3,078 were screened for HIV, 52 of who screened positive and were referred for further diagnosis and care. The years 2014 through 2017 were basically a replica of the years before them. Last year, in 2017, the association attended to almost 7000 patients, including more than 70 surgeries.The next Mbaise USA medical mission is scheduled for April 29, 2018 through May 5th 2018 and it is estimated that over 7,000 patients will be seen, again. It is on this note and for these reasons that we are currently soliciting for volunteers and sponsorship for the following services:
. Testing for HIV/AIDS
. Testing for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure;• Minor surgical services including cataract removal and dental procedures;• Eye examination and provision of reading glasses;• Provision of nutritional services for children including infant formula;• Support of health education and train-the-trainer programs and financial assistance as well.
For any questions please feel free to contact any of the following:

Adanze Aguwa
_____________________________ 01/29/2018
Dr. Adanze Aguwa, MD. (862) 250-1352
Signature, 2017 Medical Mission Director/2018 Mission Resource Director
Lawrence Osondu, President, Mbaise USA Inc. (972)408-8364

Dr. Vitalis Ojiegbe, MD. (301) 275-4285
Medical Director, Mbaise USA 2018 Medical Mission

John Nwokoroku, (410) 900-6655
Chairman, 2018 Mbaise USA Medical Mission

Richard Nwachukwu-Abii, (469) 279-9713
Mission Secretary, 2018 Mbaise USA Medical Mission