Maranatha Hyrocephs


  • Zimbabwe

We are involved in assisting babies and children with Hydrocephalus and spinal Bifida for surgical ventriculo -peritoneal (VP) Shunts, medical, physiotherapy and projects as well as assistance with food suppliments for these children. We are working in the Province of Manicaland of Zimbabwe. We have 103 children and their mothers as well as care givers of the same number, under our care and we want to connect with volunteers and funding partners to assist with this program. These children need financial assistance for the medical, surgical procedures as well as physiotherapy. They also need toys , food assistance and psychotherapy and counselling services to cope with the illness and disability.. Volunteers with Philanthropic attributes, nursing, medical and surgical, psychotherapy and counselling, physiotherapy and occupational training are greatly needed to work is this program. Maranatha Hydroceph program would like to partner with health oriented organisations, individuals and funding partners from the developed world