Kenya Association for Maternal & Neonatal Health -KAMANEH



  • Kenya
1.1. Organisational Background: The Kenya Association for Maternal & Neonatal Health- KAMANEH is a local founded and not for profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered on 25th September, 1997 under the NGOs Coordination Act of 1990. KAMANEH’s mandate is to identify, address, and prevent complications that arise during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum periods, and thus ultimately decreasing maternal, infant and child mortality rates in Kenya. KAMANEH’s Vision: “A community where women, children and adolescents realize their social and reproductive health rights and protection”. KAMANEH”s Mission: “To save and improve the health and well-being of women, children and adolescents in urban slums, and rural remote communities in Kenya. KAMANEH’s overall long-term objective: “To contribute to the reduction of maternal, perinatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality rates in Kenya. This will be achieved by providing and advocating for “increasing equitable access to maternal and newborn services; improving quality, efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery at the community level.” KAMANEH’s current activities: 1. Community mobilization for safe motherhood; 2. Advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights for women and girls; 3. Identifying and pursing for funding opportunities for realizing its mandate.