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Hope and Faith Sanstha Nepal (HAFSN)
1. Overview of our ministry:
The organization has determined the following objectives which are existed under the prevalent law of country.
1. The organization will be non- profitable, transparent and for the public welfare.
2. The organization contributes for the educational, social, intellectual, economical, agricultural and physical development of the community.
3. The organization assists to uplift the life standard of people by using all available resources and exploring all alternatives of development.
4. The organization helps to conduct programs against social evils like drugs addiction, smuggling, superstitions and violence.
5. The organization helps to conduct public-awareness programs against existing child labor exploitation, sex abused, labor exploitation and rehabilitate the victimized to live normal life as well as it works for the undeveloped, and marginalized group to provide various employments oriented training employment opportunities in future.
Proposal Information Worksheet
I. General Information
Organization Name: Hope and Faith Sanstha Nepal
Address: Bidur Municipality-7, Sahugaun, Tupche, Nuwakot
Country: Nepal
Telephone: No.
Mobil: 0977-9841532196
Email: singhrajtamang1@gmail.com, hafsnepal@gmail.com
Contact Person: Singh Raj Tamang (Chair Person of HAFS NEPAL)
II. Project Information
Name of proposal: "To provide medical equipment and to run a health program".
Location of proposal: Bidur-7, Tupche Sahugaun village Nuwakot, Nepal

Total needed budget: $5,000.00

We announce that the government of Nepal has recently constructed a health post in our area. But there is still need of health equipments for the patientst. So that we seek the partnership medical mission organizations to work in this field. The indigenous Tamang people group, backward people group and Brahmin people group also live in this area.

If people fall into sick, they cannot get proper treatment and then people die so badly. Anyway, if any partnership organizations are there to cooperate with us, you are most welcome.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

Best wishes,

Singh Raj Tamang

(Chair person)

Hope and Faith Sanstha Nepal.