Grace Missions Ministries



  • Mozambique

In 1985, Mozambique was declared the nation with the highest level of human suffering on the earth. In the same year it became our privilege to proclaim in this desperate land the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ in a ministry that over the years has grown to encompass church planting, hospital-based medical care, Christian literature distribution, and nation-wide pastors’ conferences and training seminars.

Grace Missions Ministries is headquartered in Nampula, Mozambique, Africa and is made up of two distinct, but related organizations:

Grace Missions – a sovereign grace missionary sending board.

Grace Missions Mozambique – the Christian trustee board for the surgical hospital, Grace Evangelical Hospital.

Grace Missions was founded in 1985 to send missionaries to Mozambique. Before 1985, no mission board was active in the country due to government opposition to Christianity. Softening of the government’s position toward Christian work was evident, however. At the same time, God was calling out missionary candidates to work in Mozambique. Grace Missions was established as a means of sending these missionaries to Mozambique and granting them spiritual oversight.

Grace Missions Mozambique was incorporated in 2000 to build, own, and operate a surgical mission hospital in Nampula. From 1990 to 1997, Grace Missions had provided a missionary surgeon and all the supplies necessary to maintain the surgical block in a local government hospital. When the Minister of Health granted the Mission’s request to establish its own surgical hospital, Grace Missions Mozambique was set up to oversee the medical-evangelistic work, freeing Grace Missions to focus exclusively on church planting and church-related ministries.