• United States
The Olmalaika is currently in the process of obtaining 501c3 status.
We are an organization based in the US that helps provide awareness and education as well as opportunities for funding and we provide 3+ Service Trips a year to Kenya.

The Trust's main project is a safe home for girls 12 yrs old all the way down to infants who have experienced trauma in their lives such as rape, abandonment, assault, female genital mutilation, childhood marriage and more. They can begin the healing process while at the home and still attend school. 
We provide three Dental/Medical/Family Service Trips each year in March, July and Oct - to Kenya. Each trip is unique and gives you the opportunity to understand the culture, see the countryside, make new friends, and enjoy the amazing wildlife.  During the rest of the year we encourage you to volunteer at the Olmalaika Trust where you can spend time with the girls or if you are in the dental profession you can volunteer at our Dental Clinic.

Ph 269.930.3166