Edara-e-Fatima Foundation

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  • Pakistan
1.According to the Constitution of Pakistan Article 1860 & in accordance with Legal Framework Order the Edara-e-Fatima Foundation will continue it’s working as: (i). Science; Literature; Fine Arts. Instruction and the diffusion of useful knowledge, (ii). Diffusion of Political Education, (iii). Foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for use among members or open to the public; Public museums and galleries of paintings; Works of art; Collection of natural history; Mechanical and philosophical inventions; Instruments or designs, (iv). Starts it word according to the Constitution of Pakistan’s Article 25-A “Free Education for All” Program, (v). Will establish Free Medical Dispensaries & arrange Free Medical Camps. 2.Foundation will works on public awareness on Fundamental Rights and Principles of Policy Constitution of Pakistan’s Articles 8-28: 3.Foundation will establish “Free Legal Aid Forum” for Poor’s and specially work’s on Rehabilitation of Jail Prisoners. 4.Foundation will work’s on Rehabilitation of Bagger’s and Narcotics Addicted Persons. 5.Foundation will work’s on Education, Health Social Growth of She males. 6.Business Activities: As per Legal Framework of NPO Sector in Pakistan Edara-e-Fatima Foundation will starts its any kind of Business Or will do agreements with National/Multi-national Companies to Provide them Outsourced Men power. 7.Edara-e-Fatima Foundation will establish its Business with Travels and Tourism Companies to Promote Tourism and generate its funding resources for its welfare work. 8.Edara-e-Fatima Foundation will concerted campaign to raise funds either through charity drives or through holding public gatherings for art, musical, theatrical or charitable purposes at which tickets/cards are sold in advance or gate money is collected. 9.Edara-e-Fatima Foundation will publish Literature and Cultural Magazine for fund raising of its Welfare Work. 10.Foundation will work’s on Better Environment for Society.