CBHP Community based health project


  • India

"Primary community-based healthcare aims to enable and empower people to identify areas of need, and then self-determine how health promotion and disease prevention can be integrated into the community. In CBHP, we employ a three-tiered model of health delivery derived from the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) started in Jamkhed, India in 1970. The Jamkhed model aimed to move away from the paternalistic, disease-based model which is dictated by the medical profession, and towards a multi-sectoral, community model which alleviates poverty and ill-health at its core.

The foundation of this model is formed by village health workers, who provide the majority of basic primary health care and health education at the grassroots level in the community. The other tiers consist of a mobile health team and a referral clinic/hospital which support the village health workers and provide health education and training.

This allows health care to be delivered in a way suited to the needs and resources of a rural area, and ensures sustainable, positive change."